Nonprofit Auctioneers Service

Whatever your wants or needs are to achieve a successful event, Sayre & Jones Nonprofit Auctioneers service professionals will go above and beyond to make sure it happens.

We are dedicated to ensuring your event is as successful as it can possibly be. We are committed to giving 100% to each and every client. Keith Jones is owner and head consultant for Sayre and Jones Auctioneers. He works with every client & its committees from start to finish in helping to guide them to achieve great success.

  • Free Initial Consultation

    Once you hire Sayre & Jones Auctioneers, we are always available by phone, e-mail and any meeting attendance that is needed. We are part of your organization from beginning to end.

  • Availability

    We go through each and every step with you to outline your event so everything runs smoothly.

  • Event Planning & Timeline

  • Auction Personnel

  • Check-In & Check-Out

  • Emcee Services

    We work very well with “Celebrity Masters of Ceremonies” or we are excellent at doing it ourselves.